Highlights of Talisma CIM 8.0: Slick VoIP and Elegant Offer Management

I was given a briefing last fall on Talisma’s plans for their next major release, Customer Interaction Management (CIM) 8.0, and now that the release is ready to go GA (general availability) later this month, the gang at Talisma spent some more time with me last week, including a demo of the new version.

There are two major additions to the suite in 8.0 that not only offer slick and differentiating functionality, but also solve a major pain point for companies wanting to add additional support channels:  how can we give customers new avenues to reach support without opening the flood gates and overwhelming the agents?  I would go so far as to say that Talisma has not only solved this problem–their solution is elegant.

First up is the new Talisma VoIP offering.  I love giving customers the option to ‘click to talk’ with an agent, particularly when a large portion of your customers are older than the under-25 demographic who are the most likely to use a ‘click to chat’ option.  To my knowledge, Talisma is only the 2nd eService vendor to offer a VoIP channel (the first being ATG, who acquired the original click to call vendor, eStara, last year).

 Talisma VoIP

I’ve spoken to multiple member companies about adding click to chat or click to call, and the biggest concern they have is that customers will overwhelm the support center with requests to chat or call, creating long waits for a live agent and killing the customer experience.  The answer, of course, is to be very judicious about when and to whom to offer these options, and the demo of CIM 8.0 proved to me that Talisma has cracked the code.

The rich customer segmentation options in CIM 8.0 allow very personalized service experiences and offers, with granular controls available for offering click to chat or click to call based on rule criteria.  For example, the rule engine allows customers to be prompted with chat or call options according to length of time on the website, shopping cart value, customer history, specific page views, etc. And, to solve the workload concerns, CIM 8.0 tracks time in queue for pending interactions so proactive customer prompts are automatically disabled during high volume periods, or only enabled during lulls in inbound volume.

Also in the release:  beefed up Web chat and collaboration capabilities (good timing considering 22% of our >$1B members have budget for Web collobration this year); enhanced usability with user configurable workspaces; and real-time dashboards.

If you are interested in Talisma CIM and CRM products, start your research with the SSPA Online Buyers Guide!  Here’s a link to Talisma’s page.

If you have any customer feedback on Talisma solutions, or have comments or questions about click to chat/call, add a comment or shoot me an email. 

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