Improving Performance Reporting with PureShare

I spent some time yesterday with a new SSPA partner, PureShare.  This technology addresses one of the most frequently voiced business problems of SSPA members:  a need for better reporting and analytics.  At one of the last Chief Service Executive Offsites, the #1 complaint from attendees was that they had spent 10 years creating the 360 degree view of the customer, as well as tracking scores of operational metrics, but they were missing the strategic view.  How do you mine the chaos of information to derive true business intelligence?  One of the issues is that every software application comes with its own report writer, and typically you need to merge data from multiple sources to do strategic reporting. 

Enter PureShare.  Our newest SSPA partner features 2 main products: 

  • PureShare ActiveMetrics™ – a web-based performance management application that automatically derives key metrics from multiple applications, making readily available composite views of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the context of targets and objectives.  
  • PureShare ReportRouter – a web-based framework that delivers true self-service enterprise reporting and automates the generation and distribution of traditional reports over the web. 

PureShare polls data in real time from multiple disparate data sources including databases, mainframe files, spreadsheets, Web Services/SOAP and XML. The data is transformed into KPIs and published over the web in the form of highly-visual metrics with n-level drill downs to supporting details.  To speed deployments, PureShare has pre-packaged metrics management solutions for many help desk, CRM, ERP and learning management systems, including products from strategic partners such as Microsoft, BMC Remedy, and FrontRange (makers of Heat and GoldMine CRM).

Using ‘polling’ to retrieve real-time information, the graphical reports show the most current information, not data from yesterday or last week.  And, there are some really innovative ways of displaying data.  Here’s a screenshot from one of PureShare’s customers who wanted to represent team performance in a fun, competitive way.

PureShare customer reporting example

Illustrating team performance as a Road Runner race is the most creative approach to motivational reporting I’ve seen!

The PureShare page in our Online Buyer’s Guide will be live in a few weeks; please check out this new SSPA partner and see if they can help you with your strategic reporting needs.

Comments, questions, problems?  Shoot me an email or add a comment.  Thanks for reading!

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2 Comments on “Improving Performance Reporting with PureShare”

  1. Pureshare initially helped us with a small financial management application. Very quickly their metrics management applications swept across our company from Sales, Inventory Management to even automating boardroom metrics for our executive management. They did such a great job that even our product folks took notice. We used PureShare’s ActiveMetrics platform to build a new wave of performance management products to our customer offerings. The new products have given us a competitive jump in our market in such a short period of time. PureShare is a partner truly like no other we have experienced.

  2. jragsdale Says:

    Thanks Francine and Anand! It is great to hear from companies using the technology I write about, and also good to get pointers to other quality providers. If you know of a technology you think I should check into, please shoot me an email at and I’ll try to schedule a briefing!

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