Live from the 2007 Numara Software User Conference

Numara Software Conference logo

It is conference season, and after a few days at home recovering from the SSPA Services Leadership Conference in New Orleans, I was back in the Southeast this week for the 2007 Numara Software User Conference in Orlando.  Numara Software has been growing by leaps and bounds, and with the acquisition of Unipress last year they are also working with larger companies.  Numara Software has two main product lines, Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints, and there were over 300 customers in attendance today, evenly divided across the two product lines.

I gave presentations at 2 previous Unipress conferences, and it was great to see so many familiar faces today–both staff and customers.  While the company is best known as a mid-market software specialist, there were some very big name companies here, including ADP Dealer Services and Boeing.  I hosted a ‘birds of a feather’ table at lunch , and had a fun conversation with an IT manager from the Colorado Department of Corrections, who had some great stories about using inmates for help desk agents, providing them with some excellent job skills they are able to leverage when parolled.

I pride myself on giving memorable conference keynotes, but I’m afraid that today I was not the star–far from it.  The opening keynote was Rudy Ruettiger, the Notre Dame football player whose story was made famous in the 1993 film Rudy starring Sean Astin, Ned Beatty and Lili Taylor.  Rudy gave copies of his book, Rudy’s Insights for Winning in Life, to everyone in the audience and stuck around to sign autographs during lunch.  How would you like to follow that with a presentation on the importance of reporting and metrics?  I did my best, but clearly I was no Rudy!

Mid-market companies are much more sophisticated than they used to be, and the software targeting them now contains some cool bells and whistles you would only expect to find in enterprise-priced suites.  I always make a point of visiting partner booths to see what sort of integrated solutions are available, and I found one that really impressed me.  Partnering with a company called Portable Technology Solutions, Numara Track-It! offers an add-on module to scan barcodes of IT assets or customer products to either take inventory or identify the repair history for a product or part.  Portable Technology Solutions had a variety of Symbol scanners to choose from, starting at only $1200 for a kit containing the scanner, cradle, holster, power supply, etc.  The demo showed how scanning asset tags automatically populates records in the Numara Track-It! Asset Management Solution.  Talk about dramatic ROI–come inventory time, that device would pay for itself in one day.

Another great conference, with dozens of customer presentations and other industry gurus.  Unfortunately I won’t be around tomorrow for a presentation by someone I admire, Eric Rabinowitz, President of the Nurture Institute, author of Nurturing Customer Relationships. If you ever get a chance to see him, take it!

Thanks for reading!  If you have any comments or questions, please let me know!

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