What’s cool in the RightNow November ’07 release: knowledge syndication widget

RightNow Technologies announced their latest version this week, RightNow November ’07 (also debuting their new naming strategy for quarterly releases).  The release, which went GA last week and had been in beta for a while–there were customer testimonials at their August customer summit–has three significant additions:  expanded language support, a redesigned customer portal, and a very cool knowledge syndication widget.

  • Expanded language support.  Last month RightNow won an SSPA Recognized Innovator Award for Globalization because of their extensive language support and ability for customers to maintain knowledgebase content in mulitple languages.  And now they’ve upped the ante with an additional 12 languages, for a grand total of 33.  The new languages show RightNow’s increased adoption in Eastern Europe, a popular outsourcing geography: Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Ukrainian.
  • Redesigned customer portal.  I’ve had some passionate arguments with RightNow over the years about UI design, and their new version shows that RightNow understands that sex appeal and usability can happily coexist.  The new customer self-service portal is slick, and for the Google-obsessed, very Google-like.
  • Knowledge syndication widget.  This was the star of the release, and part of RightNow’s ‘knowledge everywhere’ strategy. The new widget that allows companies to easily syndicate and distribute dynamic content, such as frequently asked questions, product specifications and warranty information, to external websites.  Want in-depth product info on an external eCommerce site?  They can drop in the widget.  Want your reseller partners to offer support for your products?  Drop in the widget.  And this isn’t a copy of the knowledgebase content, it is a dynamic representation, so the widget shows the most current version of the content.

With 1,800 customer implementations, and 90% retention of their OnDemand customers, it is great to see RightNow offer some ‘cool factor’ to go along with their highly usable and intuitive applications.

Are you a RightNow customer?  Please let us know what you think of the features and your experiences with the new version.  And as always, thanks for reading!

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