Live from the SSPA Best Practices Conference: Day 2

Tuesday was the final day of the SSPA’s Best Practices Conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. I spent most of my time in 1:1 member meetings, but for a recap of keynote presentations, you can read the conference blog.  I would be adding more pics to my posts, but WordPress has upgraded their blog software and it no longer allows me to upload and post pics–I suspect a Vista issue (the excuse I always receive these days).  Thanks a lot, WordPress!

The number of tracks and breakout sessions was a bit overwhelming, and many members said they struggled to pick between some great sessions.  Luckily we will be posting all presentations shortly so you can check out the sessions you missed.  The top attended sessions for Tuesday were:

  • The number one top attended session–proof of how Web 2.0 is challenging and engaging members–was in the Embracing Web 2.0track: The Wiki Way to Manage Support Knowledge, presented by the always popular David Kay, Principal, DB Kay & Associates.
  • The 2nd most attended session was in the Innovative Support Technology track: The truth behind “Going Proactive,” with Keith Mellor, Chief Architect, Openwave; and Nimmy Reichenberg , Vice President Marketing, NextNine. I talked to Nimmy afterwards–he said they were in a room that held 80 and they had to bring in extra chairs!
  • The 3rd top attended session was from the Embracing Web 2.0track: Web 2.0: Transforming the Support and Content Model, presented by Sean O’Driscoll, Founder/Chief Evangelist, CGT Consulting
  • Number 4 on the list was from the Knowledge Managementtrack: Achieving Knowledge-Centered Support with Limited Resources, presented by long time friend of the SSPA, Francoise Tourniaire, Owner, FTWorks, and Don Frye, Engineering Development Group (EDG) Manager, The MathWorks
  • The 5th highest attended session was a Best Practices Sharing Session on Embracing Web 2.0, an open discussion among members.

For another perspective on the event, check out industry luminary Esteban Kolsky’s observations of the conference on the eVergance blog.

Thanks to all the SSPA members who attended, and a special thanks to the folks who booked 1:1 meetings with me to talk about your real world challenges.  Hopefully I helped a bit!

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One Comment on “Live from the SSPA Best Practices Conference: Day 2”

  1. John,

    I have to say I am still impressed by your ability to summarize the trends in the market so well. I love this and the previous entry as well as your conference blog — very nice job (and thanks for the link). I just have one thing to say:

    Web 2.0… is it really going to revolutionize the way we do customer service and support? Let’s assume we can all agree on a definition and concept for it (I know, crazy idea) as a way to leverage small, near-perfect functions and components to create better solutions.. who will be the first to use this? How quickly can it progress and expand? We are talking about an industry that is so resistant to change that even adopting a self-service solution (just a different interface to an already established system) brings pain, long-fought battles for approval, and incredible arm-twisting to make it happen… and this is for a proven solution!

    BL: I do think great things can come from Web 2.0… but are we ready?

    I know, once a negative person – always one…

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