nGenera’s Acquisition of Talisma Shows Importance of Web 2 to Support’s Future

Talisma, a provider of knowledgebase and multi-channel interaction management technology widely adopted by SSPA members, announced today they are being acquired by nGenera (formerly BSG Alliance), a new SaaS software firm that recently launched the “World’s First On-Demand Platform for Business Innovation.” nGenera is not a household name in the customer service industry, but judging by the huge Web 2 buzz at our recent Spring Best Practices Conference, they are a welcome addition to the market.

nGenera’s platform includes some sophisticated web collaboration tools, designed to gather and distill the ‘voice of the customer’ to help companies make innovative changes to products and services. The Chairman of nGenera’s Innovation Network is none other than Don Tapscott, the author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. Now that’s some serious Web 2 street cred!

As we learned last year launching our own non-profit Services Research Innovation Community, companies recognize the need to innovate to stay ahead of quickly evolving customer requirements and expecations.  But change is hard, and technology companies struggle to embrace new ideas and processes.  I spoke on Monday with Steve Douty, President – Platform, Applications & Marketing for nGenera, and while he was quick to clarify that nGenera is a software firm, not a services firm, I suspect that with their expertise in bringing Web 2 and the concept of innovation to enterprises, their services offerings will be very popular adjuncts to their software platform.

What does this mean for Talisma and its customers? First of all, I’m thrilled to see Talisma acquired by someone thinking ‘outside the box,’ instead of another acquisition for customers and marketshare. Talisma’s core capabilities seem to fit well into the nGenera product matrix, and with zero product overlap I don’t think customers have anything to worry about in the near term. It should mean that Talisma customers will have access to some cool new Web Collaboration technology, which (as I discussed on a webcast yesterday) showed rapid member adoption last year, with strong spending planed for this year as well.

The executives at nGenera could use some assistance in defining their vision in terms our industry can understand, and Anand Chopra, Talisma’s Senior Director of Marketing, is just the guy for the job. While I think the nGenera product line (Continuous Sensing, Collaborative Innovation, Customer Experience Configuration, Customer Interaction Management, and Customer Experience Reinforcement) sounds fascinating, I’m still a bit grey on what all of it means, and I am interested in how Talisma’s capabilities beyond interaction tracking (knowledgebase, self-service, click-to-call and click-to-talk, etc.) fit into this new view of eService.

Stay tuned! When I am able to have a full briefing on nGenera’s web collab capabilities and get more information about the new product line I will let you know. If you are a Talisma customer and you have any questions, shoot me an email and I will do my best to get an answer for you. Thanks for reading!

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4 Comments on “nGenera’s Acquisition of Talisma Shows Importance of Web 2 to Support’s Future”

  1. As we used to say in the service… interesting, very interesting….

    It will be great to see a tighter integration between collaboration and customer service. Wrote to that some time back, but have not yet seen any good examples for Collaborative Customer Service (or any good models for that matter…)

    Andrew Cohen, here at eVergance, is working on some ideas for that as well…


  2. Jim Vecchio Says:

    This acquisition continues the recent consolidation in the CRM and BI industries where flexible on-demand point solutions are being gobbled up to create a larger more comprehensive solution. This one is interesting because there are now people (agents) that are part of the equation.

    As for Estaban’s comments on collaborative customer service – I recommend looking at companies such as Microsoft and Dell which are leveraging community and consumer generate media (CGM) to reduce demands on their service infrastructure.


  3. If I had a greenback for each time I came here.. Amazing post.

  4. […] nGenera acquired Talisma back in 2008, the company thoughtfully kept the new division separate from nGenera corporate, known […]

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