Recruiting Judges for AFSMI/SSPA Fall Recognized Innovator Awards: Green Edition

Last week we announced the categories for the Fall Recognized Innovator Awards, to be presented at our Services Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, October 20-22.  For the first time, our Fall conference will be co-located with the annual World Conference of our sister association, AFSMI, so these award categories span tech support, call center, and field service operations.

The awards are presented to our technology and service partners (vendors), and are selected by a panel of judges including members of SSPA and AFSMI, and industry veterans.  If you read my blog, you count as an industry veteran!  I am currently recruiting judges and hope you will consider participating.  You will only judge one category, you will have one week to do the judging, and it should only take 30-45 minutes total.  And, you will be recognized during my keynote presentation at the conference when I present the awards.

I am so impressed with the huge “Green” efforts I am seeing in all sectors of technology and business, but so far, I have not seen much attention in the area of “Green Support.”  To raise visibility for this, the categories for the Fall Recognized Innovator Awards, Green Edition, are:

  • Innovation in Enabling Virtual Support Centers.Keeping cars off the road cuts peak traffic congestion, lowering gas consumption as well as reducing gas-related pollution. The advent of IP Telephony has made a dramatic change to support centers, allowing technical support engineers (TSEs) to work from home while their work activities are still captured and auditable. The challenge, however, is to enable these at-home employees to fully participate in all support programs and processes, putting pressure on companies to monitor remote agents to identify opportunities for training and coaching, and to find ways to keep these TSEs up to speed on policies and new technical information. The winner in this category provides innovative technology to fully engage remote employees so they are not isolated; enable support management to understand the complete picture of the employee, even when they are working remotely; and identify training needs of remote engineers and/or streamline remote training delivery.
  • Innovation in Eliminating Onsite Visits.With companies reporting that “rolling a truck” for a field service repair can cost as much as $500, finding ways to eliminate onsite visits can provide huge savings for a support organization, as well as cut the carbon footprint of support by keeping more trucks off the road. Reducing the number of the field service visits starts with correctly diagnosing product or service issues up front, and may include remote monitoring or other remote access to supported technology. The winner in this category provides innovative technology to remotely diagnose and resolve product or service issues, with a proven track record for reducing onsite field technician visits.
  • Innovation in Streamlining Field Service Schedules.When onsite visits can’t be avoided, maximizing the number of appointments per shift and minimizing the number of miles driven will allow a company to fulfill field service obligations while lessening environmental impacts. Accurate positioning with GPS, real time ‘pull’ scheduling, wireless devices and applications, as well as intelligent scheduling software, are merging to allow field service organizations to support more appointments with fewer resources, as well reduce the miles driven in the process. The winner in this category provides innovative technology to streamline the scheduling and dispatch of field resources, increasing productivity for onsite appointments and ensuring the right mix of parts and skills are included to eliminate return visits.

If you would like to be a judge for the awards, or want more information about the program, please drop me an email at  I can provide a timeline for the judging and any other information you need.  Please add your voice to the awards!  Thanks for reading.



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2 Comments on “Recruiting Judges for AFSMI/SSPA Fall Recognized Innovator Awards: Green Edition”

  1. […] also think we will hear much more about Green Support in 2009, hopefully moving beyond cutting electrical usage in data centers–which is where the […]

  2. Ted Says:

    I think new advances in technology can make all of us a little greener. Online storage and remote desktop software allows for fewer trees to be cut for paper, and like you said, less gas and card on the road. It also raises efficiency for people with long commutes- the two hours they would have spent commuting can be used for work (business or around the house.)

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