From the WSJ: Outsourcing Suppliers Ranked by Client Satisfaction

I pride myself on providing useful, actionable information to association members, but there is one area where everyone has questions and I don’t always have answers:  outsourcing providers.  During my time at Forrester I published some reports on best practices for outsourcing IT and service desk operations (co-written with Robert McNeill and Bill Martorelli), but those were compiled by interviewing companies on what worked and didn’t work with their outsourcing contracts, not by speaking with the outsourcers themselves. 

At our most recent SSPA conference I had 3 or more requests for outsourced tech support providers, and I have a short list of specialists I recommend, including American Customer Care and e4e , but I’m not familiar with the big names.

Luckily the SSPA has lots of members who are experts in outsourcing, as well as some partners.  To my knowledge, the best expert on the who’s and how’s of outsourcing is Sath Sathyanarayan, President and Principal Consultant for Global Development Consulting. Sath is author of “Offshore Development & Technical Support: Proven Strategies And Tactics For Success,” and he is a long time friend of the SSPA, having helped with research projects, posted white papers and presented at conferences on outsourcing issues.

I received an email from Sath today with links to some interesting articles, and following his links I found a very useful article from the Wall Street Journal, “Outsourcing Suppliers Ranked by Client Satisfaction.” The information is from an survey intended to identify the 50 best-managed global outsourcing vendors. The survey ranked outsourcing vendors according to responses by executives and others involved in outsourcing decision-making about their experience and satisfaction with current suppliers.

#1 on the list?  HP.  Also listed are other SSPA corporate and community members, including CSC, ACS, Unisys, ADP, Oracle, CA, SAP, etc.  There is a short commentary on each provider, as well as their rankings for previous years.

Where does your supplier rank?  And if your supplier didn’t make the top 50, how about suggesting they join the SSPA and learn how to provide even better service? 

Thanks for reading!

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