Service Technology Success Stories: PSA, Communities, Field Service

Next week is our Fall Leadership Conference for the AFSMI, SSPA and TPSA at the Mirage in Vegas.  I hope to see you there!  I’ve spent part of my week reviewing conference presentations and providing feedback to presenters. Typically, about half of the top attended sessions at the conference are in the Innovative Service Technologies track, which features success stories from companies on various customer support, field service and professional services technologies.  I predict we will have high attendance in this track yet again, as there are some really great stories about service organizations that have leveraged innovative technology to improve operations and gain a competitive edge.  

Here are a few examples:

  • Implement, Maintain, and Reap the Rewards from a Solid PSA Tool, Micheal Eicher, Vice President of Professional Services, Paisley Consulting. Follow the Paisley story and learn how a small-town couple from Minnesota is taking their company to the top. Paisley opens their professional services playbook and reveals how to implement, maintain, and reap the rewards from a solid PSA tool. Bring along a notebook, as Paisley’s professional services team will discuss challenges, best practices, and how to stay ahead.
  • Making a Profit in Support and Delivering Great Overall Satisfaction—Without the Customer Thinking You’re Just Trying to Super-Size Their Fries, James Foster, Client Data Operations Manager, e-MDs. Discover how e-MDs has revolutionized their operational processes and how they service their customers. Utilizing the power of innovative service technology, they have proven the value of their customer support department by not operating as a cost center, but as a profit center, and they have empowered their support organization to provide world-class customer support. Leveraging enterprise support software has enabled them to provide smarter, more efficient support, keeping their customers loyal and coming back for more.
  • Roadmap for a Successful Customer Support Community, Tarik Mahmoud, eSupport and Service Technology Senior Manager, Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems. Customer support communities engage participants in open dialogue and organic conversation in order to solve real-world problems, with an immediacy and knowledge that often surpasses traditional support channels. Learn the 10 keys to success–and the 10 warning signs that predict trouble for any community launch. Find out how to identify appropriate online community applications, what key functionality guarantees results, and how such technology can be successfully implemented.
  • The Power of Data Visibility: Putting Consultants Back in Control, Jim Schein, Consulting Operations Director, Ingenix Consulting. Traditional industry trends drive many consulting organizations to centralize the control of their projects within a project management office or finance department that handles every aspect of billing, scheduling, and contracting. On the surface this approach provides consolidation and stability. However, an absence of personal accountability and inaccessible data illustrate underlying concerns. This presentation will discuss how the power of data visibility and individual consultant control fuels collaboration and solution finding. Putting control at the consultant level provides benefits that counteract the downsides of a centralized approach.
  • Delivering to the Highest Service Levels: When Failure Is Not an Option, Darren Langton, Vice President, Operations, Loomis. Loomis has the nation’s largest integrated cash distribution network and deals with markets where failure is not an option. The company operates an electronically linked service network of nearly 200 operating locations with more than 8,000 employees and a reliable fleet of 3,000 armored vehicles. Hear the Loomis success story and how they embraced technology to better manage their customers.
  • Delivering Fast, Proactive Support to Global Customers, Dan DuBeau, Program Manager, Varian Medical Systems. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. is a $1.6-billion manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems that employs 3,600 people in 56 sales and support offices worldwide. With mission-critical equipment deployed in thousands of hospitals and laboratories around the world, rapid issue resolution is vital to Varian customers. In this session, you will learn more about how Varian has reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) by 50 percent through its award-winning SmartConnect™ remote support program. You also will learn how SmartConnect is different from traditional remote access tools, allowing for unattended remote support while providing a complete audit trail of all activities performed on connected systems—a critical capability when making the move to proactive support models.

For more information on the Innovative Service Technologies track, see the full conference agenda.  With all the questions I receive from companies who fear they are not receiving the maximum impact from technology implementations, these sessions are really helpful.  Not only do they show you how the companies achieved success, but you learn the decisions (and mistakes) they made along the way.  Thanks for reading, and hope to see you in a 1:1 meeting in Vegas!

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  1. Ted Says:

    Healthcare and banking remote access software is always tricky because of the security risks and potential data loss it poses. Multi-layered security featured ensure patient privacy and patient rights are not compromised.

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