Services Leadership Conference: Day 2

Welcome to my recap of the 2nd day of our Services Leadership Conference at the Mirage in Vegas.  My day started very early with a series of member 1:1 meetings before the conference opened at 8:30.  In an eerie coincidence, I had 2 more 1:1 meetings focused on the topic I wrote about yesterday: how to fulfill customer service/KM requirements when no single vendor offers all the necessary components.  Examples: Strong KM, weak incident management.  Strong incident workflow but weak entitlement.  Good customer portal but no enterprise search. Excellent enterprise search but no community platform.  It is very daunting to members who launched a project assuming they were going to select one vendor, only to find they may need 3, or even 4.

There is more to this problem than just picking a provider who meets 80% of your needs.  These companies look at KM and self-service as competitive differentiators, they already have “ok” systems, but want best of breed in each area in order to create a next generation customer experience.  Despite the enormous consolidation we have seen across CRM and eService in the last few years, a best of breed, end to end solution remains an unreachable nirvana.

After presenting the Recognized Innovator Awards, I led 2 tours of the Expo for demos of the winners booths. Not only is this a great way to see the most innovative solutions in a short amount of time, but it also gives attendees a chance to escape PowerPoint for an hour.

Verint Witness presents to an Innovation Tour group

Sean Dougherty from Verint Witness presents to an Innovation Tour group

In the afternoon I chaired a panel discussion on Green Support with members from Xerox, Cisco, SupportSpace and Ericsson.  There were some good discussions around regulation differences between the US and Europe, the impact of Generation Y on Green adoption, and a lot of conversations about effectively managing remote workers.  One members told me afterward it was the first ‘buzzword free’ presentation she had attended.

Enough conference for one day.  I’m heading out to dinner this evening with the team from Lithium to Craftsteak.  I’m a huge fan of Top Chef, and have never eaten at one of Tom Colicchio’s restaurants.  I’m excited!  Thanks everyone for reading, and stay tuned until tomorrow for an update on Day 3 highlights.

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