ClickSoftware’s New Release Radically Improves the Customer Experience

When I speak with field service organizations, they often ask me how to improve customer satisfaction.  My first response is always the same: give me a specific appointment time, not a window, and keep me updated on the arrival time.  The usual response is:  we can’t do that.  So I was thrilled today to hear about the new product from ClickSoftware, a leading provider of mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions, and a long time AFSMI partner, which I think is the first step to overhauling field service’s view of the customer experience.

Today’s announcement from ClickSoftware is the launch of ClickContact, a new solution for customer interaction management and the newest addition to the Company’s ServiceOptimization Suite. ClickContact offers a number of out-of-the-box features to help service organizations improve customer service by facilitating better communication with customers. Starting with appointment booking, the solution enables service organizations to offer customers the option of self-service appointment booking via the Internet–a huge plus for Web savvy customers.

Customer self-service appointment booking

Customer self-service appointment booking

Once an appointment is booked, either online or by phone, ClickContact enables the service organization to send customers automatic notifications—including confirmations, updates, etc.—via email, text or voice messaging—and to proactively keep in touch with the customer regarding the expected time of arrival of the technician to the service location. With updates provided by ClickContact, service organizations can offer their customers smaller appointment windows, and customers are no longer “chained” to the service location waiting for the service technician to arrive. The real-time updates mean that customers can do whatever they need to do away from the service location and arrive just in time to meet the technician.

Proactive customer appointment updates

Proactive customer appointment updates

In addition to appointment booking, ClickContact enables customers to reschedule or cancel appointments that are no longer scheduled for a convenient time. These appointment management capabilities enable customers to change their appointments as many times as they need to without the hassle or time cost of having to wait on hold to speak with a service representative each time.

Not only does this vastly improve the customer experience, but it also can generate huge cost savings to support centers by deflecting calls about scheduling and rescheduling appointments to the self-service site. Talk about a win-win!

Congrats to ClickSoftware on the launch, and I hope all your ClickSoftware customers will figure out a way to implement these features in 2009. If you have any comments or questions, please add a note or shoot me an email.  And as always, thanks for reading!

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One Comment on “ClickSoftware’s New Release Radically Improves the Customer Experience”

  1. Kevin Ryerson Says:

    I hope ClickSoftware has huge success with this launch. Personally, it is a big pet peeve that cable, internet, landline, appliance repair, delivery, etc., groups refuse to give more than a 4 hour window. Totally unacceptable. Offering self-booking appointments and real-time updates on arrival times should be a huge competitive differentiator in these industries.

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