AFSMI/SSPA/TPSA 2009 Member Technology Survey: Please Complete!

Each year I conduct surveys of our community member companies to find out what service and support technology they are using, how satisfied they are with it, and where they intend to make incremental investments over the next year. The survey data is very important to our association ecosystems, it helps:

  • Members. Companies can see how their adoption of innovative technology stacks up to the industry–very helpful for competitive positioning.
  • Partners. Association partners use the data to understand where companies are making investments so they can better match product planning and marketing to spending priorities.
  • Me. That’s right, me. I use this data in research, blog posts, member inquiries, press interviews, etc., all year long.

The 2009 Member Technology Survey is n0w available for all three associations.  Please click on the appropriate link to to take the short, painless survey.

AFSMI (field service operations)

SSPA (tech support/customer service)

TPSA (professional services)

If you are a corporate or community member of one or more organizations, please take a moment to complete the survey.  There’s a Starbucks Gift Card for early respondents, so get started soon!

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