How do you compensate for CSAT? Please weigh in!

We receive a lot of inquiries from SSPA members regarding incentives and rewards for customer satisfaction scores. This information is not currently in our SSPA Benchmark, so I would love your participation in this polling question:

Please take a moment and vote!  I will recap the findings in a later post.  Thanks for participating!

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3 Comments on “How do you compensate for CSAT? Please weigh in!”

  1. Dan Reese Says:


    CSAT targets directly impact variable income of staff and managers in support. Staff are compensated on individual scores while managers and tier 3 staff are compensated on team scores.

    Most staff are motivated by this because they have the ability to directly influence the outcome (and their bonus) vs. other measurements that may be outside of their control.

  2. Bob Guski Says:


    CSAT and Loyalty targets directly impact rewards program (RP) incentives of all staff and managers in our tech support organization. Our RP goals represent 25% of overall annual bonus plan payout potential. In addition, individual tech support team members singled out in survey verbatims received on a quarterly basis for service above and beyond are eligible for spot awards throughout the year.

  3. John:

    Across a number of organizations we’ve observed levels of compensation on a couple of different fronts.

    For the front line engineers (an offshore and outsourced operation) there are quarterly recognition awards (gift certificates) which are received based upon weighted values against these categories:

    – Highest customer satisfaction rating (based on CSAT survey results).
    – Same day closure rate.
    – Number of knowledge base articles created (rated against hits those articles receive).
    – Number of community forum postings.
    – How they’re doing on quality audits (as calls are recorded an assessment of softskills, professionalism, etc.).
    – Volume of cases closed.

    Additionally, providing each employee with a plaque with the company name + their name, with ¾’s of this being felt to place acknowledgement pins recognizing:

    – “n” years of service.
    – 500, 1,000, 5,000 etc. cases closed.
    – “n” number of positive CSAT survey results.
    – Any special certifications, e.g. Cisco CCIE, CWNA

    There is also an employee-of-the year and runner-up which may receive something like a MacBook or iPhone respectively. As an outsourced and offshore operation these represent significant (value) rewards to those employees, which seemed to help reduce attrition, a danger we’re aware of in these types of business relationships.

    For more senior, advanced TAC engineers, the customary annual reviews which offer performance based compensation increases, including RSU’s exists (customer satisfaction results are 25% of their annual assessment). What we’ve often seen for this group is an interest more in spot bonuses for exceptional performance; team exercises, e.g. lunch + bowling events, paintball, and even (quite popular) 🙂



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