Launching our New Company Brand: Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)

Today at the Technology Services World Conference in Las Vegas, we announced our new company identify: Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).  This has been in the works for some time, and my very first comment is congratulations to Cindy McCombe and the rest of our marketing team for doing such a great job on the preparation and launch of the new brand.  Preparing for this on top of the conference cannot have been easy.

Why the change?  I’ll give you my take.  As you know, I have been covering technology for three industry associations: SSPA for technical support professionals, TPSA for professional services execs, and AFSMI for field service and depot professionals.  Though each group has a unique agenda, different success metrics, and different ‘bleeding edge’ interests, there was also a lot of overlap.  In my keynote address today, I outlined several areas where technology needs overlap across service disciplines, and I recommended the creation of a Converged Services Infrastructure:

A Converged Services Infrastructure

A Converged Services Infrastructure

While the service disciplines of professional services, techncial support and field service all have their own unique projects, such as automating VSOE for PS, collaborative content development for tech support, and GPS tracking for field service, I’m also getting similar inquiries from members of all three associations about knowledge management and search, web collabortion, analytics and business intelligence, and other topics.

As the three arms of service begin converging, we want to be sure we can continue to meet the needs of each interest group, but also ‘share the wealth’ when our benchmark data or member committee projects can benefit other groups. With the creation of TSIA, we are formalizing the concept of service convergence.  Each of the individual associations will continue on, uninterrupted, but will be treated as service disciplines within TSIA, not three separate associations with “no share” policies on content and research.  This is one of those examples in which 1 + 1 + 1 should equal 10 or more!

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2 Comments on “Launching our New Company Brand: Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)”

  1. Simon Morris Says:


    This is a move that makes a lot of sense.

    I agree that while there are some unique aspects of each area there are many themes that run across all asociations. To have 1 association for end-to-end service and support is welcome and I look forward to contributing.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! — Cindy

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