Trends Impacting Technology Services: Please Weigh In!

My boss, Thomas Lah, executive director of TSIA, is doing some interesting work on trends. His latest blog post discusses 9 key trends impacting technology services in three areas:

  • Performance Trends: These are trends that will impact the performance metrics and results of a technology services business
  • Practice Trends: These are trends related to the business practices employed by technology service organizations to optimize their businesses.
  • Preference Trends: These trends related to buying preferences of customers consuming technology services.

His blog post includes a poll, asking which of these trends do you personally feel will have the greatest impact on technology service organizations over the next five years, as well as asking for input on other trends to watch. This information will help us build out and prioritize our 2010 research calendar, so your input is requested! Please take a quick read and weigh in on the poll:

Thanks for participating!

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One Comment on “Trends Impacting Technology Services: Please Weigh In!”

  1. sgainc! Says:

    makes the case for good bloggin’.

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