Fight Fire with Facts: Take TSIA’s Maintenance Pricing Survey and Receive a Copy of Results!

It ain’t easy out there for enterprise hardware and software sales reps, especially when annual maintenance agreements are due for renewal. Although every study I’ve ever seen shows that OnDemand costs more than OnPremise after 3-4 years, enterprise customers continue to threaten a retreat to the cloud during renewal discussions for OnPremise technology to keep prices down. It doesn’t help when the CEO of the largest SaaS software vendor continually preaches “death to maintenance” to the press, who print these exaggerated comments without challenge.

We know from our TSIA benchmark that renewal rates are down, and discounts are up: I think it may be fair to say that traditional maintenance pricing practices are under siege, and technology companies must understand the new dynamics out there. Last year we launched our very first Maintenance Pricing Survey to gather additional information about how companies create pricing and discount strategies in a Web 2.0 world, and the findings were not only interesting–they were incredibly helpful to our members.

This week we have launched the 2010 Maintenance Pricing Survey, which collects information on several important factors impacting maintenance revenues, including:

  • Trends in pressure from customers to reduce maintenance prices
  • Strategies and tactics to deal with those pressures
  • Maintenance contract “attach” rates, warranty conversion rates, and contract renewal rates
  • Maintenance contract sales compensation plans and practices
  • Average service & support revenue and margin contributions
  • Impact of executive compensation plans and customer satisfaction scores on maintenance revenues
  • …and much more.

Most of our surveys are only open to TSIA members, and only TSIA members have access to the results. This survey, however, is open to the entire tech support community, and everyone who takes the survey will receive a copy of the resulting report for free. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey using this link:

Thanks for reading, and a big thanks for completing the survey!

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