Announcing the Fall 2010 Recognized Innovators

The Recognized Innovator Awards may be my favorite part of my job. The awards are presented at our Spring and Fall conferences to our TSIA partners, who submit applications and are judged by a group of TSIA members, expert alliance partners, and industry experts. Finalists are selected, and I lead Innovation Tours of the finalists booths at the conference Expo. Tour attendees also vote on Best Innovation Demo. I announced the winners today at the closing TSW Awards Ceremony.

The categories for the Fall 2010 Recognized Innovator Awards were:

  • Innovation in Service Economics. The Associations’ Services 50 Study documents the rise of services revenue for large high tech companies, which now represents as high as 70% of revenue from software firms and a third of the revenues for hardware firms. While this trend means that service and support enjoys more visibility and influence with company executives and Wall Street analysts, it also means that service executives are eager to identify new sources of revenue. The Recognized Innovator in this category will provide real-world examples of how companies are leveraging their technology or services to generate incremental services revenue.
  • Innovation in Customer Satisfaction. One of the few metrics tracked across professional services, technical support and field service operations is customer satisfaction (CSAT). In fact, even Wall Street is now caring about CAST: according to the TSIA benchmark, 62% of service executives have compensation tied to satisfaction and loyalty scores. Not only does poor satisfaction impact the life time value of a customer, with the myriad of social networking avenues available to give customers a global voice, upset customers can easily do damage to a company and its brand. The Recognized Innovator in this category will provide real-world examples of how their technology or services have been used to increase customer satisfaction scores, or insight into reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction, for one or more areas of service and support.
  • Innovation in Mobility. Mobile technology and devices have the highest planned spend for any technology area covered by the 2010 TSIA Member Technology Survey, with 34% of field service members having budget for mobile technology. With smart phones putting web browsers at our fingertips, employees and customers are demanding faster and more consumable content, and innovative mobile devices allow a greater array of services to be delivered in the field, boosting productivity and revenue. The Recognized Innovator in this category will provide real-world examples of how their mobile technology or services have been used to extend the reach of a service organization, streamlining activities and lowering operational costs.

The Recognized Innovator Winner and Finalist for Service Economics are:

  • Sykes Enterprises, Inc. The winner in this category is Sykes Enterprises, whose SYKES’ Online Support Communities (OSC) is aimed at Technology companies wanting to start or improve their online engagement and leverages our expertise and global abilities in user engagement to provide structure, consistency and scalability. This helps to achieve program goals and the necessary return on technology investment. Further, by blending this with traditional support channel resources, more choice is given to consumers, at greater convenience, and with a lower cost.
  • Compuware Changepoint. The finalist in this category is Compuware, whose Changepoint solution is a professional services automation (PSA) suite that allows services teams to streamline processes and track critical information from an initial opportunity through to service delivery, invoicing and revenue recognition. For technology companies in particular, Changepoint marries its robust PSA capabilities with project portfolio management (PPM) to directly tie the professional services function to upstream product planning, new product development and product maintenance activities.

The Recognized Innovator Winner and Finalist for Customer Satisfaction are:

  • Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. The winner in this category is Customer Interaction Analytics from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, which provides a unified view of the voice of the customer, enabling organizations to detect trends, investigate issues and take action on intelligence from multiple sources including customer calls, chats, emails, blogs, review sites and customer surveys. The technology brings together speech, data and customer feedback analytics. It provides valuable insight to help determine customer requirements and how effectively an organization meets them by addressing how customers rate their overall experience with a company, why they feel the way they do and how customer interactions affect an organization’s overall performance.
  • The finalist in this category is, who over the past 11 years has pioneered the enterprise cloud computing industry by revolutionizing the way enterprises deploy and manage their CRM sales and service applications and data. In 2009, launched Service Cloud in January, and in October released the next generation of customer service – Service Cloud  2. Service Cloud  2 brings together industry leading cloud computing platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter with traditional contact center channels like phone, email and chat to capture every conversation and leverage every community expert in the cloud.

The Recognized Innovator Winner and Finalist for Mobility are:

  • Kopin Corporation, Golden-i. The winner in this category is Kopin’s Golden-i device, a lightweight Bluetooth/WiFi headset with a near-eye 15-inch virtual PC display and near-ear speaker. The Golden-i monocular display system can be adjusted to be used below either the left or right eye and comfortably worn with glasses, safety glasses, hard hat or helmet. Using natural speech recognition and 6 axis gesture sensing, Golden-i provides users with Hands-Free, spontaneous access to virtually any information in the world, on-demand – including digital information, Internet services and broadcast programming such as real-time, full-color high-resolution streaming video.  Golden-i enables the user to maintain and use multiple 15 inch virtual display screens spatially about the user at one time; users can record and/or send real-time on-demand 1080 HD still images or streaming video.
  • Qualtech Systems Inc. (QSI). The finalist in this category is QSI, located in East Hartford, Connecticut, which offers industrial strength advanced Service Intelligence Tools; high-quality diagnostics, prognostics, and health management solutions. QSI’s TEAMS (Testability Engineering and Maintenance System) software suite consists of:  TEAMS-Designer (Modeling & Analysis software) (Design for Service), TEAMATE (Guided Troubleshooting software), TEAMS-RT (Embedded run-time diagnostics) and TEAMS-RDS (Remote Diagnosis Server). The TEAMS-RDS technology is highly mobile and lightweight with ability to serve diagnostic information to web-clients on their tablet PC, hand-held PC, or cell phone.

The winner of the Best Innovation Demo was Kopin Corporation, who let the whole Innovation Tour groups interact with the Golden-i devices–nothing in the world like a hands on demo!

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!


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