Top Attended Session on TSW Day 1: Social Media Trends & Best Practices

Yesterday was the opening day of TSIA’s Technology Services World Conference in Las Vegas, and our opening keynotes took a somber tone as our executives discussed the changes in the industry and service revenue models and gave calls to action for rapid evolution in order to survive. I always worry about starting a conference on a worrisome note, as you walk a fine line between energizing attendees about the importance of change vs. intimidating them with dire predictions.

Following the keynotes, we had the Power Hour, with concurrent presentations from each of us on the research team.  (See this previous blog entry for an overview of my session on Video in service.) We had a good selection of topics, including a big focus on revenue generation and cloud impacts. I was anxious to see the numbers on top attended sessions, since I think that is great indicator of where people’s heads are at. Christi Holzer, our tireless Events Project Manager, sent me the attendee numbers for the Power Hour session late last night, and while the revenue generation sessions all had good attendance, the top attended session with Shawn Santos’ presentation on social media, “The State of Social Support: New TSIA Research Uncovers Leading Trends & Best Practices.” Not only does social media continue to be a fascinating topic for members, it is also a fun and sexy subject that is relevant to everyone, regardless of your role or title.

Just in time for TSW, Shawn completed his annual social media survey, which has a massive response rate and provides incredible information. This is the third year Shawn has done the survey, so now he has created great trending data, tracking results from 2009 to today. He shared his findings in this session. My session on video in service was actually next door to Shawn’s presentation, and I could hear hoots, hollers and applause from the audience, so I’m pretty sure the content was well received!

I will leave it to Shawn to share his results, but I will be providing a few data points today when I served as moderator for a session entitled, “Social Support: Seizing the Opportunity,” led by David Kay of DB Kay & Assoc. and Brad Smith, Vice President, Global Support Experience, Yahoo.  You will have to come to the session to hear the details (2:15 in St. Thomas B), but suffice to say a shocking percent of companies continue to report they are either unable to measure ROI for social media, or worse–they receive zero ROI for their efforts. We also continue to see lagging adoption of best practices like CRM integration and federated search of self-service content and community content. However, companies that ARE receiving ROI for social media have already done these things, helping prove our point that integration, reporting and dashboards are key to success.

Also today I am leading an invitation-only partner advisory session on key industry trends across each of our service disciplines, I have multiple member 1:1 meetings scheduled, and I’ll be interviewing LionBridge and Astea on the Solution Stage in the EXPO. If you see me in the hallway, please say hi! And as always, thanks for reading!

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