Video’s Impact on Service’s Future: KM, Education, and Customer Interactions

Today at TSIA’s Technology Services World Conference in Las Vegas, I held my “Power Hour” session entitled, “The Impacts of Video on Service’s Future,” a panel discussion with Jennifer MacIntosh, Global Director, Knowledge Management, Yahoo; Radha Penekelapati, Director, Global Support Operations,; and Phil Verghis, Founder and President, The Verghis Group. Also today my paper on the topic was published to the TSIA website.

Video is an incredibly powerful medium that is already changing the face of service operations, but the impact will be even greater in the future, as video becomes even more widely adopted, including the enablement of face-to-face customer service interactions. By combining rich information with a visual demonstration, videos are able to more clearly illustrate information and processes so viewers instantly understand a concept or can follow along to complete a complex process.

The massive popularity of online video sites such as YouTube have helped drive down the cost of video production. While in years past videos required expensive equipment and a production team, today you can create a video using your built-in webcam and free video software, or using screen capture software already installed on many corporate desktops. The YouTube generation knows that content is more important than high production values. Video is impacting service in three primary areas.

  • Knowledge management. Video content to augment or replace knowledgebase articles has already emerged as a best practice, with TSIA members adding video libraries to self-service sites as well as creating dedicated YouTube channels for technology “how to” videos.
  • Education. Video content for employee and customer education is available, but so far without large-scale adoption. Not only is creating an online video training library that can be streamed to an employee or customer desktop less expensive than traditional classroom training, it is also proving more effective, especially with younger demographics.
  • Service interactions. While there are only early examples, the future of customer service interactions will radically change with the introduction of video interactions between customer and support technician, not only streamlining problem resolution but also boosting the relationship factor with accounts.

Service organizations need to evaluate how early adopters are leveraging video effectively for knowledge management, education, and support interactions, and create a roadmap for the use of video in their operations. For conference attendees, you will recieve an email t0night with a link to rate the sessions you attended today, and to download all presentation materials–including video examples from Salesforce and Yahoo.

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