TSW Day 2: Top Attended Sessions

The final day of Technology Services World is now under way, with this morning’s keynote from Salesforce.com. Unfortunately I was booked with 1:1 meetings and couldn’t’ attend, but I’m sure there were some insights on the Oracle/RightNow deal announced this week! But I digress…

I’m here to report the top attended sessions from yesterday. While we can try and predict hot topics, conference attendees vote with their feet, and I think looking at the breakouts in which the majority of members decide to spend their time is a great way to identify the issues that are top of mind. And it appears that some of TSIA’s perennial hot topics continue to dominate. Here is the list of top attended sessions from each round of breakouts yesterday:

  • How Revenue Recognition Rule Changes Associated with Service Impact the Bottom Line. Great to see a PS focused session make the top attended list. I know that anytime Thomas or Bo publish a report or blog about VSOE it immediately becomes a top-read article, and when Thomas mentioned this session in his keynote, saying VSOE as we know it is going away, I expected this session to be popular. Not only was it a good topic, but the session was presented by PWC, definitely experts in consulting billing practices.
  • Discover the Power of Live Chat! A Key Service Differentiator. We did a webcast with EMC on their highly successful chat practice earlier this year that was very well attended (here’s a link to the OnDemand version). While chat has been popular for almost a decade in consumer industries, EMC’s impressive story, leveraging a chat platform from Moxie Software, proves chat works equally well for B2B support. According to our benchmark, chat interactions cost about 1/10th as much as phone, and 1/15th as much as email.
  • Why Technical Training Doesn’t Work. This provocative session, presented by Cisco and Kepner-Tregoe, challenged the traditional thinking that technical support success is all about more technical training for support techs. Instead, Cisco and KT maintain that a more strategic, process- and people -driven approach is critical to delivering  consistent, high quality problem resolution. As more companies try to move away from the expensive and often ineffective models of Level 1/2/3, I expect to see more creative approaches to core service processes.
  • Driving Service Transformation with Knowledge. A session by InQuira, now part of Oracle, is almost always in the list of top attended sessions, and this year was no exception, with this presentation featuring a case study by Martin Marcinczyk, Vice President, Business Technology Solutions, Comcast. You may know him as the ‘voice of Comcast’ from his blog, Comcast Voices. The session described best practices in integrating knowledge into service, including social media.
  • Listening and Acting on the Voice of the Customer. This session discussed how to collect, monitor and act on the voice of the customer, an increasingly strategic topic as customers gain more control over service offerings and product features. The session featured a panel of experts from the Call Center Group, Salesforce.com, Juniper Networks, and TSIA’s Sally Foster.
  • A Strategic Approach to Knowledge Management. This presentation by Taleo highlighted important activities to consider when building your knowledge management strategy, including Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and ISN (Integrated Solutions Network) methodology. 50% of TSIA support services members are investing in additional knowledge tools this year, and KM programs are proven to increase key metrics such as first contact resolution, resolution time, and escalation rates.

Thanks to all the presenters for doing such a great job! As a reminder, attendees receive an email each evening of TSW with a link to rate all of the session you attended that day, along with a link to download all presentation materials. So be sure to check your inbox!

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