Hot Technology Trends for 2012: Mobility, Video and Social Collaboration

Tomorrow I am presenting a full 1 hour webcast on hot technology trends for service. Usually I am opening and moderating webcasts with guest presenters, but this week, you get a full hour of me! (Whether this is a blessing or a curse, I leave up to you!) Here is the link to register:

I am still working on the results from my 2012 Technology Adoption and Spending Survey, which will be announced at Technology Services World in Santa Clara. But I will include a few preliminary results of the survey in tomorrow’s webcast, especially spending and adoption numbers to illustrate how hot some areas are. The three hot technology trends I will focus on in the webcast are:

  • The mobile revolution. When I first started research on this topic 3 years ago, I have to admit I was a bit jaded. During my time in product marketing at Clarify, one of the original CRM vendors, I owned the mobile application we were developing back in 1999-2000. The WAP interface was awful, and it was no surprise that although all the big CRM vendors spent millions of dollars developing mobile WAP applications, no one adopted them. This time around, things are different. A number of market forces have combined to make this foray into mobility for the enterprise a big success, and I’ll talk about the drivers of the mobile revolution, some very cool technologies available, and how service mobility projects are delivering ROI to the enterprise.
  • The video revolution. I published an article 2 years ago about how Adobe was incorporating videos into knowledgebase articles and saw self-service success climb as a result. The more I dug into video, the more exciting use cases for service I found, from on-site real-time training for field techs, to distance learning for education services, to face-to-face collaborative sessions for support. We are also seeing innovative firms like HP Consumer building dedicated YouTube sites with video tutorials–definitely a best practice for 2012 and beyond.
  • Social collaboration. Personally, I’m a bit weary of discussing customer communities and social media, since I first wrote about in 2005. But there is a new twist on social collaboration this year, and that is a focus on employee collaboration. This includes building communities for employees–which are proving successful for early adopters in field service and professional services–as well as incorporating Twitter-like employee communication tools, like Salesforce Chatter. And, we are seeing companies moving toward blending customer, partner and employee communities to truly leverage expertise across the enterprise.

Also on tomorrow’s webcast, we will hold a drawing for 2 pre-release copies of my book, Lessons Unlearned, which officially launches next month. Only live attendees are eligible for the drawing, so register now! See you tomorrow!

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