TSIA TechBest Awards: Best in Satisfaction

According to the TSIA Benchmark, customer satisfaction with enterprise software averages 3.92 on a five-point scale (with 1 representing very unsatisfied and 5 representing very satisfied). It is troubling, then, that the satisfaction scores for the categories covered in the 2012 TSIA Member Technology Survey range from a low of 3.32 to a high of 4.02—all but two categories are under the industry average of 3.92. While there are many excuses (service managers are tough customers, IT sometimes forces technology on business users, aging CRM tools and infrastructure), the fact remains that service technology is not meeting or exceeding customer expectations for average satisfaction scores to be so low.

Average satisfaction score by category, 1=highly unsatisfied, 5=highly satisfied

Luckily, there are definitely technology and service providers bucking the trend, and when I filtered the satisfaction scores by product, it turns out there were multiple companies with high scores. The three TSIA partners with the highest satisfaction scores will be announced as finalists of our very first TSIA TechBEST Awards for Best in Satisfaction. The finalists will be announced on October 15 at Technology Services World in Las Vegas, and I will interview the finalists on the Solution Stage in the EXPO at 12:45, which opens the conference. The company with the highest satisfaction score will be awarded the Best in Satisfaction award during the awards ceremony which closes the conference on October 17.

The other new TechBEST Award is Best in Show. Conference attendees vote for which partner in the EXPO offered the best demo, the best information, the best overall experience. Having spent time in my career as a Demo Dolly, I know creating a memorable experience for booth visitors is a challenge, and this award will recognize the partner who goes “above and beyond” to educate, entertain and enlighten attendees. Voting will be via the TSIA Mobile App, and I will also present this award at the closing award ceremony.

Look forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas!

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One Comment on “TSIA TechBest Awards: Best in Satisfaction”

  1. Lydia Zaffini Says:

    Along with John, I am very excited about our new awards program and look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas in October!

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