TSW Day 1 Top Attended Sessions: Big Data, Social Media, Rev Gen

Greetings from Las Vegas! I’ve heard the weather is beautiful outside…though I doubt I’ll leave the Mirage until I head to the airport on Thursday! TSW is going great, with over 1,000 attendees. I always look forward to getting the stats on which breakout sessions had the most attendees, as it is a clear way for attendees to “vote with their feet” on the topics that matter. Yesterday at 4pm we had our breakout series called the “Power Hour.” Each session is presented by a TSIA researcher or exec, covering hot topics across service disciplines. Here were the top 3 attended Power Hour session in order of attendance:

  1. How Social Is Transforming Tech Services: Pre-Release TSIA Research Uncovers Leading Trends and Best Practices. Shawn Santos, our director of programs and our research lead on social media, always is a big draw. His data on adoption, staffing, ownership and business impact of social media and online communities is pretty amazing, and as far as I know, a unique data set in the industry. In fact, Shawn has collected enough data from enough companies that we are looking at introducing some social media benchmarking early next year–stay tuned.
  2. Big Data: Three Inspiring Stories of Service Analytics. I had a suspicion I would have one of the top attended session when they brought in 2 more rows of chairs, and there were still people standing in the back of the room. This session launched my new research report, “Market Overview of Service Analytics. Creating Actionable Insight in Three Categories: Business Analytics, Customer Analytics, and Consumption Analytics,” with some creative and informative presentations from 3 panelists: Jennifer Batley from Walker Information; Tom Duly from YIDATEC; and David Lowy from Moxie Software. Jennifer did an interactive game with live electronic voting–very cool, illustrating the importance of analyzing all customer touchpoints to assess the strength of the account. Tom presented some very interesting operational dashboards, showing cost and productivty improvements with Asian outsourcing, specifically some data on doing busienss in China. David talked about how data is “hidden in plain sight,” and gave examples of mining available customer data to impact not only service, but product management, sales and other divisions.
  3. SRG Power Hour: The State of Offers and Pricing. Presented by Julia Stegman, who launched our Service Revenue Generation (SRG) discipline at TSW Vegas last year, this session included some of the “hot off the press” benchmark data Julia has gathered from her members, along with emerging pacesetter practices on service and maintenance sales and renewals.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the top attended sessions from today. Thanks for reading!

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