John Ragsdale

Welcome to my blog!  I am Vice President of Technology Research for the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), and this blog is my avenue to share:

  • Key information from our association benchmark databases, as well as other member and industry surveys we execute, in order to point out trends and best practices.
  • Technology information on customer service, field service and professional services automation applications, derived from vendor/partner briefings and independent research.
  • Significant industry events, such as mergers and acquistions, within the service and support technology market.

While I publish formal research reports on the association websites, my blog postings are shorter, less formal, and hopefully a bit of fun.  I encourage everyone to submit comments and questions, and I will do my best to respond to all as soon as possible.

If you want to send private comments, you can email me at john.ragsdale@tsia.com.

Thanks for reading!


6 Comments on “About”

  1. Tobin Wagner Says:


    My name is Tobin Wagner and I work in the finance department of a software and consulting company. I would like to know if, for consulting agreements, what the practice is for billing employee expenses back to the customer. I would like to know what is typical in Japan and globally. Do you have any statistics around this issue, or could you direct me to a person or group where I could post questions?


    Tobin Wagner

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  3. Steve Bell Says:

    Hi John
    I had a question for clarification on your presentation today: one of the benchmark data items you presented was Average Response Time for Web. What is the scenario in this case? When I think of web response time I typically think of web self-service, which would have an instant response time. Is this something like submitting an “ask a question” from a web page?


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  5. […] instrumental in helping re-cast how organizations rally around customer needs in the 21st century. John Ragsdale will be moderating this […]

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