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TechBEST and STAR Awards Recap: TSW Closing Award Ceremony

October 29, 2013

Last week’s Technology Services World Conference closed on Wednesday with the awards luncheon, and I wanted to recap the winners of the TechBest Best in Adoption and Best in Show Awards, as well as the TSIA members who won STAR Awards.

Aria Convention Center, Ready for Awards Luncheon

The TechBEST Awards recognize outstanding performance by TSIA partners, and are awarded at our Spring and Fall conferences. For Fall 2013, there were 2 awards: TechBEST Best in Adoption, and TechBEST Best in Show. There were three finalists for Best in Adoption, based on which partners had the largest increase in adoption year-over-year in my annual TSIA Member Technology Survey. The three finalists were Citrix, Compuware and Coveo. The TechBEST Best in Adoption winner was Compuware for their Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, which has seen rapidly rising adoption as spending on PSA has increased. The Wall Street Journal even carried the press release here.

The TechBEST Best in Show award is voted on by conference attendees, representing the partner who provided the best experience in the TSW Expo, i.e., the most compelling demo, the best booth experience, the best value proposition, etc. The winner of the Fall 2013 TechBEST Best in Show was LivePerson, whose software and services create meaningful, real time customer connections that help businesses increase conversions and improve consumer experience. Congratulations to LivePerson who had great booth traffic, lots of buzz about their demos, as well as a standing-room only in their Expo Theatre session!

Next up were the TSIA STAR Awards, recognizing companies that display exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment in both service excellence and in developing and implementing industry-leading practices. Since its inception in 1990, the STAR Awards have become one of the highest honors in the service and support industry, acknowledging the contribution of companies of all sizes to the continual improvement of service and support delivery industry-wide. To win a STAR Award, TSIA member companies must submit an official application, which are judged by an executive committee consisting of TSIA Advisory Board members and TSIA Research staff. The following STAR Awards were presented for Fall 2013:

  • Innovation in the Delivery of Support Services: Oracle
  • Innovation in the Delivery of Managed Services: Digital Hands
  • Innovation in the Delivery of Field Service: Hewlett Packard Managed Print Services
  • Innovation in Service Offer Development: McAfee Consumer Support
  • Innovation in Leveraging Technology for Service Excellence: EMC Corporation
  • Innovation in Enabling Customer Success/Support Services: Cisco Systems
  • Innovation in Enabling Customer Success/Service Revenue Generation: Salesforce
  • Innovation in Enabling Customer Success/Professional Services: Nice Systems
  • Innovation in Enabling Customer Success/Education Services: Cisco
  • Innovation in Customer Commitment: EMC

For all you TSIA members, stay tuned for my writeup of “why they won,” providing information behind each of these STAR Awards. That report should be published within a few weeks after review and approval by each winner.

I was a bit sorry to see TSW come to a close. It was our largest event ever with more than 1100 attendees, and the new conference location, at the Aria Resort and Convention Center, was a real class act. I’d like to congratulate all the TechBEST and STAR Award winners, and I’d like to thank everyone at TSIA and among our membership who made the conference a big success. And thanks to you, as always, for reading my blog! See you at TSW Spring in Santa Clara on May 5, 2014!

The coolest of the cool compete: TSIA Vision Award at Service Revolutions

May 9, 2012

Every year at the Technology Services World Best Practices conference, the most innovative companies compete in live stage demonstrations at Service Revolutions to win the coveted TSIA Vision Award. Winners are selected by audience members who vote after each presentation. Introduced in 2010, the TSIA Vision Award recognizes game-changing ideas in technology services that advance the industry and shape emerging trends. Based on the theme “True vision is having the intelligent foresight to define a better, more productive future,” winners receive a TSIA Vision Award trophy presented at a gala awards luncheon immediately following the Service Revolutions event.

There are three categories in which companies compete to win the TSIA Vision Award:

  • Services Practitioner Category – companies in the business of delivering technology services to end customers
  • Start-up Category – emerging providers of capabilities—products or services—that enable the delivery of technology services by services practitioners
  • Commercial Category – established providers of capabilities—products or services—that enable the delivery of technology services by services practitioners

The following companies gave live demos today as part of Service Revolutions.

Category: Service Enabler/Start-up

  • ChatID. Phone numbers are really easy to display online, and drive 20 billion costly support calls between businesses and consumers in the U.S. every year. ChatID enables that same ubiquity for chat at a much lower cost. Chat has proven to increase conversions and average order values on businesses’ own sites. But they are missing valuable engagement opportunities with the 4 out of 5 consumers who begin shopping everywhere else around the distributed web. ChatID seamlessly connects to businesses’ existing live chat systems, multiplying the value of their existing infrastructure. Now businesses can engage customers while they read reviews, compare prices, browse Facebook and Twitter, or via text message as they move about offline.
  • Hold-Free Networks. As the skit opens, it’s clear that Lance is having a bad day. First the company shipped the wrong item…and now he’s stuck on hold waiting for customer service. End Call!!! Lance opens a Smartphone app and vents his frustration via social media. Moments later a new item appears in his Secure Messaging folder. The company has taken notice and has even offered an immediate callback from an agent. When the phone rings, the agent knows Lance’s name and the nature of his inquiry. Lance gets the help he needs…and then he realizes something: the agent’s voice sounds awfully familiar!
  • Whodini. In large companies it is often left to luck and personal networks to find the right person with the right experience to help answer business critical questions. Whodini automatically builds professional profiles for enterprise workers consisting of projects, work items, customers and other granular aspects of their work. Whodini profiles allow coworkers to discover relevant colleagues in a way never before possible. Whodini uses natural language processing to create accurate, granular, up-to-date and objectively scored views into what enterprise workers know. Indeed, in the aggregate, Whodini can show what the enterprise itself knows. Whodini is groundbreaking technology for the enterprise.
  • Social Dynamx. Purpose-Built Social Customer Care. At Scale. Square peg. Meet round hole. That’s the best way to describe the current state of social customer care. Marketing departments force-fitting their tools into a customer service function with limited success. We say enough! Customer service has always had its own unique goals and workflows. It needs it’s own tool. Social Dynamx is purpose-built for high-volume customer care teams who need to identify, prioritize and respond to thousands of one-on-one conversations in real time. We prioritize and automatically match the social post to the right skill group with a UI built for agent, manager and supervisor roles. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Category: Service Enabler/Commercial

  • GOLDEN-i. Remote Experts & Mobile Video . . . Reducing Cost – Improving Service. Everyone performing mobile service faces increasing complexity, accelerated hardware and software updates, new product introductions as well as old legacy equipment still in use. All of these circumstances cause delayed service calls, repeat service calls, broken customer appointments and lost revenue for everyone involved. Golden-i is a 3 to 6 ounce, Hands-Free, Voice and Gesture controlled PC that can provide service and repair technicians with spontaneous access to “Remote Experts”, “Shared Streaming Video and Photographs” and access to any information available from an OEM or on the Internet. These advanced information, training and support capabilities will be demonstrated Hands-Free on stage during Service Revolutions 2012.

Category: Service Practitioner

  • HP.  Predictive Customer Satisfaction Model. The Predictive Customer Satisfaction model provides a control mechanism, for perceptive performance indicators like Customer Satisfaction, using a scientific methodology to drive desired results and better business use for the IT Infrastructure. The model identifies business factors related to customer satisfaction, translates the business factors to measurable metrics and based on those metrics predicts variations in performance leading to lower customer satisfaction. The Predictive Customer Satisfaction model brings immense advantages to both the customers and the service providers, alike. IT User Satisfaction is a key indicator of the success caused due to high availability of the IT infrastructure. This model helps us assert that “even service perception should not be a coincidence”.
  • SAP.  Advanced Delivery Management, Learn how SAP Services extended the innovation of modular re-usable components from automotive, construction and other industries to SAP service delivery. With the SAP Advanced Delivery Management SAP is redesigning its services portfolio and delivery approach to achieve faster delivery while lowering the cost and risk. This innovation is possible thanks to lessons learned from delivery of Rapid Deployment Solutions ( smaller, modularized packages – and extension of the concept to the entire services portfolio.

The audience voted using live response units and the winner was SAP and ChatID.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the amazing presentations! See you next year for Service Revolutions 2013!


TSW Best Practices Opens with my Innovation Tour!

May 7, 2012

TSIA’s Technology Services World Best Practice Conference kicked off today at the Santa Clara Conference Center. The conference opened at 12:45 with my Innovation Tour. The tour is a presentation of all the finalists in the Spring 2012 Recognized Innovator Awards, which are presented to partners of TSIA at our Spring and Fall conferences. Partners submit applications for consideration, and case studies documenting business results are required. Winners are selected by a panel of TSIA members and industry experts.

The content for TSW 2012 Best Practices focused on “Defend, Optimize and Innovate,” allowing member companies to improve core operations while looking for new approaches to streamline operations and generate incremental revenue. Technology firms cannot accomplish these initiatives alone, and the Recognized Innovator Awards showcase the role TSIA partners play in enabling the success of today’s global service organizations.

Following are the award categories and finalists:

Innovation in Products: Innovative products that enable service operations to better compete through means such as increased productivity, cost reductions, increased revenues, improved customer satisfaction, or improvements to other key performance or financial metrics. The Finalists are:

  • Clarabridge, whose innovative text and sentiment analytics allow companies to accurately analyze customer feedback
  • Coveo, whose Insight Solutions for Customer Service turn disparate data from all content sources into actionable insight about your customers

Innovation in Services: Innovative services that help companies to meet and exceed business goals for service operation by allowing partners to manage specific areas of the business. The Finalists are:

  • ServiceSource, whose suite of cloud applications and managed services better connect and automate clients’ recurring revenue ecosystems.
  • SYKES, whose new Sales Assist offering blends proven support program excellence with sales program goals to create a new revenue stream for clients.

Innovation in Consulting: Innovative consulting services that help technology firms meet and exceed business goals. The Finalists are:

  • Value and Pricing Partners, whose TPS Pricing RapidAct™ provides PS leaders with guidance on their rates position relative to peers, and how to immediately improve rates performance to drive bottom line results.
  • Verghis Group, who designed a new approach to metrics, based on research from fields as diverse as aquaculture, championship weightlifting, traffic engineering and firefighting.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday during the closing awards ceremony. Hope to see you there!

2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Results Live Today!

May 7, 2012

Today at TSIA’s Technolgy Services World (TSW) Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, I am presenting the findings of my 2012 Member Technology Survey at 4:15 in my Power Hour session, “The 2012 TSIA Technology Heatmap: Service Technology Spending and Adoption Trends.”

TSIA’s sixth annual member technology survey is complete, documenting member adoption, satisfaction, and planned spending across 24 areas of services and technology used by education services, professional services, field services, support services, and service revenue generation. According to the survey, TSIA members have an average annual budget of $2.99 million to purchase, implement, and maintain service technology. Several areas of technology saw increased adoption over the last year, particularly enterprise mobility and reporting/analytic platforms, which are now seeing adoption across all service divisions. Satisfaction scores for technology and services in place were unimpressive again this year: only one category averaged above a 4.0 on a five-point satisfaction scale (1 being very unsatisfied; 5 being very satisfied), and multiple categories saw averages below 3.5.

Planned spending is very high for 2012–2013, with double-digit percents of members planning additional purchases in every category covered by the survey. Top spending categories include online communities, knowledge and content management, and reporting platforms, with all TSIA disciplines planning investment.

The survey findings are also being released to the website today with mulitple research reports targeting different audiences. For the very first time, this year’s survey targeted Europe, and I authored a separate report comparing technology adoption and spending in North America to Europe. Two other reports appear this year for the first time, a spending report specific to our Service Revenue Generation (SRG) discipline, focusing on technology directly linked to revenue such as contract management and offer management. Also, I created a report listing the top installed products across all 24 categories covered by the survey, which is a question I receive again and again from members.  Here are all the reports live on today:

  • 2012 Technology Services Heatmap: Adoption Trends across 24 Categories of Tools and Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Education Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Field Service
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Professional Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Support Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Service Revenue Generation
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Europe
  • Top Installed Products by TSIA Members: 2012: Technology and Services Partners with the Highest Adoption by TSIA Members

Here is a look at this year’s Heatmap, which is a color-coded guide to technology adoption.

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to this year’s survey, and a special thanks to Suzanne LaBounty, our intrepid editor who made time for all these reports in the middle of the TSW crush! Thanks for reading, and hope to see you in my Power Hour session later today!

Fall 2011 Recognized Innovator Awards: Why They Won

November 10, 2011

One of the highlights of Technology Services World is announcing the winners of the Recognized Innovator Awards.  These awards are presented to partners of TSIA; partners submit applications for consideration, and case studies documenting business results are required. TSIA Research identifies a panel of judges for each round of awards, including technology-savvy association members and several industry experts. Judges rated the applications using four criteria: is it innovative, is it unique, is the innovation exemplary of the category, and what is the business impact from the innovation.

In an earlier post, I provided backgrounds for each of the finalists. In this post, I will provide a bit of insight into why the winners won, using comments provided by the judges.

Recognized Innovator for Products: Kopin

Kopin’s Golden-i is a hands-free, wireless, mobile computing headset, providing users on-demand access to nearly all digital information. Information is viewed on an “All Weather”, “Sunlight Readable”, virtual 15 inch full color PC screen, which appears as a standard laptop display 18 inches from the user’s eye. To achieve “Hands-Free” operation, Golden-i employs advanced noise canceling natural speech recognition and a six axis head gesture tracking interface. Golden-i further enables hands free control of multiple remote devices at one time, allowing businesses to significantly improve worker productivity, safety and the efficiency of their workforce.

Judges comments on Kopin’s application included:

  • This is truly an innovative product. I was really impressed with the uses and capabilities.
  • Great innovations and great presentation of technical details.
  • Tremendously innovative and original product that can have a huge impact, especially for field service personnel.
Recognized Innovator for Services: Convergys
Convergys Corporation is a global leader in relationship management. Convergys provides solutions that drive more value from the relationships clients have with their customers. Convergys turns these everyday interactions into a source of profit and strategic advantage for their clients. For more than 30 years, Convergys’ unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, and innovative technologies has delivered process improvement and actionable business insight to marquee clients all over the world. In their application, Convergys provided two case studies in which they enable transparent multilingual support to channel partners and distributors using a team of English-speaking agents in the Philippines.
Judges comments on Convergys’  application included:
  • Interesting use of partner capabilities.  Focus on support and on the core competency of solving the technical issue – let someone else deal with the distraction of language.
  • The process descriptions are very nicely captured.
  • Nice solution to the classic multilingual support coverage problem(s).
Recognized Innovator for Consulting: Verghis Group
The Verghis Group is a management consulting firm focused on senior service and support leaders. The firm’s founder, Phil Verghis, is an internationally-recognized expert who has helped dozens of support and services executives devise winning strategies. The application from the Verghis Group detailed multiple client projects and business challenges, with four specific areas of innovation cited from client projects: Innovation one: Clear alignment from vision to the individual; Innovation two: Let the ‘doers’ do; Innovation three: Focus; Innovation four: Savvy Support (No more ‘tiers’ model).
Judges comments on Verghis Group’s application included:
  • Fantastic approach!
  • I like the concepts here.  The idea of empowering the individual contributors to own the process is an excellent may to build passion.
  • Again excellent execution, combination of state of the art approaches.
  • I really appreciate the comprehensiveness of this submission, the clear story full of content and proof points.
We give one additional award as part of the RIA program, Best Innovation Demo. Attendees of my Innovation Tour, which opens the TSW conference, vote for best demo. To me, this is a very important award, because few companies are good at articulating their innovations, let alone demoing them! The award for Best Innovation Demo went to DB Kay & Associates, a finalist in the Innovation in Consulting Category. Attendees loved David Kay’s focus on results and best practices, and they were intrigued by his discussion on introducing gamification concepts into support.
I would like to extend my thanks to the judges for the Fall 2011 Recognized Innovator Awards:  Alon Bar, Amdocs; David Bickford, The Via Group; Meredith Calvert, Callidus Software; Joe Clarke, Cisco; Brent Flanders, Perceptive Software; Edwin P. Gehres, Aprimo; Chris Karp, Tektronix; Carlos Pignataro, Cisco; Ann Reichert, Mitek Systems; Bill Rose, Bill Rose Inc.; Gonzalo Salgueiro, Cisco; Anton Vukovic, Siemens Enterprise Communications.
Congratulations to the all the winners! And as always, thanks for reading!

Call for Judges: Spring 2011 Recognized Innovator Awards

February 8, 2011

It is that time again! I am building the judges panel for the Spring 2011 Recognized Innovator Awards, and I would love your help!

The categories for this round of awards are:

  • Innovation in Knowledge Management (KM). Creating, maintaining and leveraging content to speed issue resolution and project success is not only a core process within every technical support operation, but increasingly other services divisions are launching KM initiatives to share learnings from the field across a global operation. The Recognized Innovator in this category will provide documented case studies of how their technology and/or services are enabling service organizations to more easily publish knowledge and effectively use that knowledge to improve business results.
  • Innovation in Value-Added Services. As documented in “Complexity Avalanche,” Value-Added Services (VAS) programs enable customers to fully consume purchased products and services, helping them quickly receive full business value and speed the repurchase cycle. In addition, VAS programs are providing new revenue sources for budget-strapped service operations. The Recognized Innovator in this category will have documented case studies showing how their technology or services are being leveraged to boost service and support revenues through delivery of Value-Added Services.
  • Innovation in Social Collaboration. When evaluating the impact of social media and communities on service organization, it is important to separate the hype from business value. While customer social media strategies continue to struggle for staffing and a credible ROI story, leveraging social media tools and processes to enable enterprise collaboration—between employees AND between employees and customers—has emerged as way to effectively share information across the enterprise, identifying experts on any given topic and making their expertise available to others. The Recognized Innovator in this category will have documented case studies showing how their technology or services are being used to improve the capture, sharing and consumption of ideas and expertise across employee, partner and customer communities.

Awards will be presented during the closing ceremonies of Technology Services World Santa Clara on May 4th. I will recognize the judges during the awards presentation, and judges will be listed in the published research that recaps the winners.

As a judge, you would be responsible for only one category, approximately 5-10 applications.  I will provide a scoring sheet; judging will take less than an hour.  You will receive your applications and scoring sheet on Monday, February 28th, and have 2 weeks to complete scoring.

If you are in the service and support industry, as a practitioner, vendor or service provider, I would love to have you on my judges panel. If you are interested in participating, please send me an email (, and I’ll add you to the list.

Thanks so much, and thanks for reading!

Interview with CA’s Jim Turcotte on the TSIA STAR Award for Innovative Support

January 18, 2011

Today I am pleased to bring to you an interview with our recent STAR Award winner for Innovative Support: Jim Turcotte, SVP of Technical Support, from CA Technologies, a $4.3 Billion IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments—from mainframe and physical to virtual and cloud. Innovative Support is one of my favorite categories; it is fantastic to see companies trying new and creative approaches to improving the customer experience.

John Ragsdale: Jim, congratulations on your STAR Award, and thanks for taking the time for this interview.

Jim Turcotte: Thank you, John. We’re very excited about the award, as well as the TSIA award for Value Added Support we won in the spring. Winning back to back awards brings a level of validation to our efforts.

John: Let’s start with a high level question. My experience is that some companies thrive on innovation while others remain very change phobic—it seems a part of corporate culture. From the amazing content of your STAR Award application, clearly CA Technologies embraces innovation. How does the corporate culture of CA Technologies encourage and reward innovation?

Jim: At CA Technologies, we’re very focused on transforming our culture to one of innovation. In fact, I’m participating on an innovation panel in Tampa, Florida with CA’s top technical leaders. We also recently launched Idea Tree, a program to evaluate and nurture Innovation.

You need to recognize and reward innovation. And that’s the great thing about winning the TSIA STAR Award for Innovative Support—it recognizes the innovative work of the people of CA Support. It’s motivating and helps drive our culture of innovation.

John: Let’s get into some of the detail of your STAR Award application, which does a great job of describing innovation in all areas of support operations—people, process and technology. I want to start with the people side. You have a great program in place and a pretty sweet reward and recognition system for employees. Could you talk about the Integrated CA Support Employee Programs?

Jim: You’re only as good as your team, so we focus on programs to help us attract, board and retain great people—people who delight our customers. We view these programs as an  investment—not an expense—that pays big dividends in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

First and foremost, we are getting much better at attracting the right kind of people. Tests show us that Support Engineers need two key traits. The first is a desire to help people. Second, you must love solving problems. These are basic concepts. But support organizations often hire engineers based more on their technical skills than their soft skills. Once hired, we work to rapidly assimilate the new engineers into our family through our buddy program, welcome kits, executive touch points and class communities.

Last but not but least, you need to retain. Our attrition rate is just 3%, compared to a rate of 12% for the industry. Besides our rewards and other integrated programs you mentioned, our greatest successes come from Standing Ovation. This new program is changing our culture to one of empowering our engineers to delight our customers. Managers tend to spend too much effort directing and not enough time enabling and empowering. Standing Ovation is giving our engineers the freedom to exercise their own judgment, resourcefulness and creativity to solve issues.

John: I think that process innovation may be the toughest area for many companies—changing processes that have been in place for many years. You have had great success with a new program called “Go Live with CA Technologies,” which not only speeds time to value and consumption of products for customers, but also appears to be a great opportunity for Value Added Services. Could you talk about the “Go Live with CA Technologies” program?

Jim: I think everyone agrees the software industry needs to help customers both reduce time to value and realize greater value. Similar to employees, one needs to attract, board, and retain customers. So we made significant investments in technology, processes and talented people and created Go Live with CA Technologies. This program helps us to focus on boarding (reduce time to value) and increasing retention by helping customers realize more value. Go Live with CA Technologies is a four-stage roadmap for proactively assisting customers:

  1. Get Me Started: Personal one-on-one with the customer to guide the initial project setup and relationship.
  2. Set Me Up: Proactive implementation monitoring and guidance. Our Go Live command center provides 24×7 monitoring of weekend moves-to-production.
  3. Roll it Out: 90 day stabilization period with heightened issue monitoring.
  4. Get More Out of It: Programs that help our customers understand how to leverage under-utilized features.

John: While your award application demonstrated leadership across the board, you scored highest in the innovative use of technology with your Labs on Demand. Can you elaborate?

Jim: Many issues can only be diagnosed and resolved in the customer’s unique and complex environment. But replicating customer environments on our own local labs was slow and costly. CA Support now uses Labs on Demand (LOD): a sophisticated on demand private cloud. Our Support Engineers can dial up an image on demand and be diagnosing a customer’s problems in much less time. In many cases, we maintain pre-built images in our LOD Library for even faster problem resolution.

John: Nearly a third of my member inquiries over the last year concerned knowledge management tools and processes, and this is an area CA has definitely figured out. In less than two years, your program for measuring and rewarding knowledge creation, Write for Success, has quadrupled the creation of knowledge and has big impacts on customer satisfaction with your online knowledgebase. Could you give us some information on “Write for Success” and how the program has impacted problem resolution times?

Jim: Write for Success rewards both support engineers and teams for creating knowledge content based on issues they’ve resolved. Awards include Write for Success certificates, which our support engineers proudly display on their office walls, and financial incentives. With a program like Write for Success, it’s very important to ensure quality and not just quantity.

John: To win a STAR Award, you not only have to have great results, you need to be able to tell your story in a compelling way. I think your STAR Award application was a real winner on many levels. Of course your results were impressive, but the judges were also very pleased with the application itself—results and impacts are clearly stated, you used lots of great examples, and there was also a very personal angle by including anecdotes about support employees, like Kevin Harrison and the Earn Awards program, and Tom, the support engineer working diligently to resolve complex problems. Could you talk a bit about your approach to the award application, and how you pulled together such an impressive entry?

Jim: The award category had a strong linkage to our passion around Innovation as you mentioned earlier. If you really have passion for something, demonstrating the efforts and results almost seem effortless. It clearly helps to have a great team that clearly is proud of their achievements and welcome an opportunity to share their work in these kind of award forums. My thanks to TSIA for providing this opportunity!

John: Jim, it has been a real pleasure chatting with you about your STAR Award win for Innovative Support. Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom with TSIA members!

Jim: Thanks for the invitation, John.