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NTRglobal Targets Remote Support for SMBs with NTRsupport Pro

July 23, 2009

The SSPA has a large percentage of members from smaller companies–45% of members completing our benchmark are under $500 million in revenue–and these small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have the same needs for innovative technology as larger firms.  What they don’t need, as I have learned, is enterprise-sized pricing or complexity. So it is gratifying to see more vendors now creating products specifically for SMBs, with smaller price tags and lower complexity, allowing faster time-to-money.

Yesterday’s announcement from NTRglobal created another offering in the remote support market geared toward SMBs: the launch of NTRsupport PRO, which allows an indivudal to support 8 simultaneous remote control sessions. With OnDemand or OnPremise deployment options, NTRsupport PRO does more than just remote control: additional machines can be monitored in “unattended mode” by the StayConnected™ agent (a popular Value-Added Support offering for tech support operations) which is downloaded onto the end user machine. Multiple StayConnected machines can be managed from the simple operator user interface with no limit to the total numbers of machines supported.

With a price tag of less than $600 a year, small firms, or even individuals doing tech support in their spare time from home, can easily afford ‘best of breed’ remote support functionality.

Adoption of remote support technology by SMBs is on the rise.  In my 2008 Member Technology Survey, 71.4% of members with under $500M in revenue were using a remote support solution, and that number rose to 75.6% in the 2009 survey. With solutions such as NTRsupport PRO now available, I suspect this number will continue to rise.

If you have any questions about NTRglobal or remote support technology, please drop me an email or post a comment. And as always, thanks for reading!