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2014 TSW Vision Awards at Service Revolutions: Recap

May 13, 2014

Last week at Technology Services World Best Practices, the closing event of the conference was the Vision Awards at Service Revolutions. This “American Idol” style competition gives tech companies 7 minutes to demo their coolest technology. The competition was hosted by our CEO, JB Wood. A panel of judges, consisting of Al Gray, Vice President, Bentley Systems; Tony Brucha, Director, Advanced Services, WebEx Customer Success, Cisco; and yours truly, asked questions and made somewhat relevant comments after each presenter. Audience voting determined the winners.

To be considered for Service Revolutions, technology firms submit applications in 3 categories:

  • Service Practitioners. These are service organizations within tech firms, showing off technology or programs they have developed to improve customer service, streamline operations, or drive service revenue.
  • Commercial. These are established technology firms selling products to service organizations. The products must be in Beta phase or newly released.
  • Startup. These are brand new tech firms within their first 2 years, often pre-VC, showing off products yet to be released. The winner of the startup category wins a check for $10,000!

The finalists who took the stage were:

  • Service Practitioner: Blackbaud. Blackbaud demonstrated their group consulting model for professional services.
  • Service Practitioner: SAP. SAP demonstrated their Learning Hub for customer education.
  • Commercial: Ancile. Ancile demonstrated their in-product dynamic help technology.
  • Commercial: Radialpoint. Radialpoint demonstrated their Google extension which incorporates internal content into employee’s Google searches.
  • Commercial: Transversal. Trasnversal demonstrated Prescience, their voice self-service product.
  • Startup: SimpleQL. SimpleQL demontrated their dynamic analytics tools, “the Festivus of Business Intelligence.”
  • Startup: XOEye Technologies. XOEye demonstrated their camera and video enabled saftey glasses for field service, with a price point in the hundreds–not thousands.

The winners were Blackbaud, Radialpoint and SimpleQL. I thank all the presenters for great demonstrations, and congratulations to the winners!


The coolest of the cool compete: TSIA Vision Award at Service Revolutions

May 9, 2012

Every year at the Technology Services World Best Practices conference, the most innovative companies compete in live stage demonstrations at Service Revolutions to win the coveted TSIA Vision Award. Winners are selected by audience members who vote after each presentation. Introduced in 2010, the TSIA Vision Award recognizes game-changing ideas in technology services that advance the industry and shape emerging trends. Based on the theme “True vision is having the intelligent foresight to define a better, more productive future,” winners receive a TSIA Vision Award trophy presented at a gala awards luncheon immediately following the Service Revolutions event.

There are three categories in which companies compete to win the TSIA Vision Award:

  • Services Practitioner Category – companies in the business of delivering technology services to end customers
  • Start-up Category – emerging providers of capabilities—products or services—that enable the delivery of technology services by services practitioners
  • Commercial Category – established providers of capabilities—products or services—that enable the delivery of technology services by services practitioners

The following companies gave live demos today as part of Service Revolutions.

Category: Service Enabler/Start-up

  • ChatID. Phone numbers are really easy to display online, and drive 20 billion costly support calls between businesses and consumers in the U.S. every year. ChatID enables that same ubiquity for chat at a much lower cost. Chat has proven to increase conversions and average order values on businesses’ own sites. But they are missing valuable engagement opportunities with the 4 out of 5 consumers who begin shopping everywhere else around the distributed web. ChatID seamlessly connects to businesses’ existing live chat systems, multiplying the value of their existing infrastructure. Now businesses can engage customers while they read reviews, compare prices, browse Facebook and Twitter, or via text message as they move about offline.
  • Hold-Free Networks. As the skit opens, it’s clear that Lance is having a bad day. First the company shipped the wrong item…and now he’s stuck on hold waiting for customer service. End Call!!! Lance opens a Smartphone app and vents his frustration via social media. Moments later a new item appears in his Secure Messaging folder. The company has taken notice and has even offered an immediate callback from an agent. When the phone rings, the agent knows Lance’s name and the nature of his inquiry. Lance gets the help he needs…and then he realizes something: the agent’s voice sounds awfully familiar!
  • Whodini. In large companies it is often left to luck and personal networks to find the right person with the right experience to help answer business critical questions. Whodini automatically builds professional profiles for enterprise workers consisting of projects, work items, customers and other granular aspects of their work. Whodini profiles allow coworkers to discover relevant colleagues in a way never before possible. Whodini uses natural language processing to create accurate, granular, up-to-date and objectively scored views into what enterprise workers know. Indeed, in the aggregate, Whodini can show what the enterprise itself knows. Whodini is groundbreaking technology for the enterprise.
  • Social Dynamx. Purpose-Built Social Customer Care. At Scale. Square peg. Meet round hole. That’s the best way to describe the current state of social customer care. Marketing departments force-fitting their tools into a customer service function with limited success. We say enough! Customer service has always had its own unique goals and workflows. It needs it’s own tool. Social Dynamx is purpose-built for high-volume customer care teams who need to identify, prioritize and respond to thousands of one-on-one conversations in real time. We prioritize and automatically match the social post to the right skill group with a UI built for agent, manager and supervisor roles. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Category: Service Enabler/Commercial

  • GOLDEN-i. Remote Experts & Mobile Video . . . Reducing Cost – Improving Service. Everyone performing mobile service faces increasing complexity, accelerated hardware and software updates, new product introductions as well as old legacy equipment still in use. All of these circumstances cause delayed service calls, repeat service calls, broken customer appointments and lost revenue for everyone involved. Golden-i is a 3 to 6 ounce, Hands-Free, Voice and Gesture controlled PC that can provide service and repair technicians with spontaneous access to “Remote Experts”, “Shared Streaming Video and Photographs” and access to any information available from an OEM or on the Internet. These advanced information, training and support capabilities will be demonstrated Hands-Free on stage during Service Revolutions 2012.

Category: Service Practitioner

  • HP.  Predictive Customer Satisfaction Model. The Predictive Customer Satisfaction model provides a control mechanism, for perceptive performance indicators like Customer Satisfaction, using a scientific methodology to drive desired results and better business use for the IT Infrastructure. The model identifies business factors related to customer satisfaction, translates the business factors to measurable metrics and based on those metrics predicts variations in performance leading to lower customer satisfaction. The Predictive Customer Satisfaction model brings immense advantages to both the customers and the service providers, alike. IT User Satisfaction is a key indicator of the success caused due to high availability of the IT infrastructure. This model helps us assert that “even service perception should not be a coincidence”.
  • SAP.  Advanced Delivery Management, Learn how SAP Services extended the innovation of modular re-usable components from automotive, construction and other industries to SAP service delivery. With the SAP Advanced Delivery Management SAP is redesigning its services portfolio and delivery approach to achieve faster delivery while lowering the cost and risk. This innovation is possible thanks to lessons learned from delivery of Rapid Deployment Solutions ( smaller, modularized packages – and extension of the concept to the entire services portfolio.

The audience voted using live response units and the winner was SAP and ChatID.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the amazing presentations! See you next year for Service Revolutions 2013!