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2013 Services Technology Survey NOW OPEN!

March 1, 2013

I am very happy to announce that my annual services technology survey is now open. This is the 8th annual survey, which tracks adoption, satisfaction and planned spending across 24 categories of tools and services. The survey is open March 1 to March 31. The data from this survey drives the bulk of my research for the year. Never have so few created so many research reports from a single survey. In time for our Spring Technology Services World Conference in Santa Clara, I will publish:

  • 2013 TSIA Heatmap. This report provides a high level view of adoption trends across all service discipline, noting major technology trends impacting support services, field service, education services, professional services, service revenue generation, as well as our new discipline, managed services.
  • 2013 Spending Reports. I also write detailed reports documenting adoption, satisfaction and planned spending for each service discipline, 7 reports in all (in addition to the above disciplines, I also create a version for TSIA partners)
  • 2013 Top Installed Report. Last year was the first time I created this report, which shows top installed products in all 24 categories of the survey. This turned out to be one of the top downloaded reports from last year, as everyone starts a new purchase by asking, “What products are my peers using?”
  • 2013 Spending: Europe. Last year we had such a great response from European companies that I was able to publish a separate report showing how adoption and planned spending trends differed in Europe compared to North America. Providing I receive a good response database, I will create this report again for 2013.

In addition to published research, the satisfaction scores received in the survey determine the winner of the TechBEST Best in Satisfaction Award, presented at TSW Santa Clara.

If you work in a services role, I urge you to take the survey. It will take less than 15 minutes to complete (hopefully a lot less). Everyone is eligible to participate, not just TSIA members. In fact, everyone who takes the survey will receive a copy of the 2013 Heatmap as my thank you for participating. If you are a vendor of services technology, please consider asking your customers to take the survey.

Here is the link to the survey:

Thanks for your help, and let me know if you have any questions. And as always, thanks for reading!


2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Results Live Today!

May 7, 2012

Today at TSIA’s Technolgy Services World (TSW) Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, I am presenting the findings of my 2012 Member Technology Survey at 4:15 in my Power Hour session, “The 2012 TSIA Technology Heatmap: Service Technology Spending and Adoption Trends.”

TSIA’s sixth annual member technology survey is complete, documenting member adoption, satisfaction, and planned spending across 24 areas of services and technology used by education services, professional services, field services, support services, and service revenue generation. According to the survey, TSIA members have an average annual budget of $2.99 million to purchase, implement, and maintain service technology. Several areas of technology saw increased adoption over the last year, particularly enterprise mobility and reporting/analytic platforms, which are now seeing adoption across all service divisions. Satisfaction scores for technology and services in place were unimpressive again this year: only one category averaged above a 4.0 on a five-point satisfaction scale (1 being very unsatisfied; 5 being very satisfied), and multiple categories saw averages below 3.5.

Planned spending is very high for 2012–2013, with double-digit percents of members planning additional purchases in every category covered by the survey. Top spending categories include online communities, knowledge and content management, and reporting platforms, with all TSIA disciplines planning investment.

The survey findings are also being released to the website today with mulitple research reports targeting different audiences. For the very first time, this year’s survey targeted Europe, and I authored a separate report comparing technology adoption and spending in North America to Europe. Two other reports appear this year for the first time, a spending report specific to our Service Revenue Generation (SRG) discipline, focusing on technology directly linked to revenue such as contract management and offer management. Also, I created a report listing the top installed products across all 24 categories covered by the survey, which is a question I receive again and again from members.  Here are all the reports live on today:

  • 2012 Technology Services Heatmap: Adoption Trends across 24 Categories of Tools and Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Education Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Field Service
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Professional Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Support Services
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Service Revenue Generation
  • 2012 TSIA Member Technology Spending Report: Europe
  • Top Installed Products by TSIA Members: 2012: Technology and Services Partners with the Highest Adoption by TSIA Members

Here is a look at this year’s Heatmap, which is a color-coded guide to technology adoption.

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to this year’s survey, and a special thanks to Suzanne LaBounty, our intrepid editor who made time for all these reports in the middle of the TSW crush! Thanks for reading, and hope to see you in my Power Hour session later today!