TSW Day 2: Top Attended Sessions

Yesterday at Technology Services World was a full day of conference sessions. There were more than 50 sessions, with as many as 14 concurrent sessions at a time. The top attended breakout had 166 people–an impressive number considering how many other topics were competing for attention. All of the five top attended sessions from yesterday had more than 100 attendees–pretty impressive. Here is a look at the 5 top attended sessions from yesterday:

#1. Optimizing Support Delivery, Featuring Insights from Motorola. Over the last few years, the role and expectations of customer support have evolved at an accelerating pace. While customer support often used to be viewed as a necessary expense and a cost center, for forward-leaning companies, it has now grown into a top customer retention driver and strategically critical function. More and more, customers come for the product and stay for the service. As customers’ expectations evolve, support and service has an absolute mandate to evolve as well. Ed Simon, technical support senior manager from Motorola, and Peter Zeinoun, director of products for LogMeIn Rescue, discussed the challenges of the ever-changing support landscape, the tremendous opportunities that new technology presents in meeting those challenges, and best practices for continuing the strategic shift in your approach to support. PS–check out this previous blog entry on a very cool video solution LogMeIn just introduced that will be presented in our Service Revolutions competition today!

#2. Drive Content Sharing and Reuse Adoption with Workflow Integrated Social Knowledge. Cisco Technical Assistance Center with over 3,000 engineers in 20 facilities worldwide supports customers in 180 countries with 1.7 million cases annually. Cisco continuously evolves the way engineers think about knowledge through collaboration. We implemented an engine embedded into the workflow to capture and surface relevant content at the right time. Using an organic Social Knowledge Environment, engineers author content, post questions, curate conversations into documents, and reuse knowledge in various forms. We leveraged gamification methodologies to drive adoption with tailored competitions that recognized engineers’ efforts. Best practices also emerged from the user community, and the environment became the preferred channel for TAC to collaborate and publish content externally. As customers often requested access to Cisco knowledge to solve issues on their own, we built an algorithm to automatically assess the value of content, which triggers the external publication workflow, which resulted in over $10 million of case avoidance savings. Presenter: Fabio Bergamo – Services Business Architect, Cisco Systems.

#3. It Takes a Team: Collaborate Your Way to Service Revenue Generation Success. It’s no secret that service contracts are the glue that binds together customers, partners, and manufacturers throughout the relationship life cycle. Failure to attach, renew, and retain these agreements can result in severe revenue losses–not to mention harmful damages to brand trust. That’s why manufacturers at the forefront in this space have recognized that it takes teamwork to ensure not only the most optimum business outcomes, but also the most optimum customer experience. From integrating disparate data sources to uncover unattached assets, to using extreme automation to expedite renewal processes, the value chain is reaping the rewards of working together like never before. In this panel discussion, three service revenue leaders–representing the manufacturer (Cisco), the distribution partner (Comstor), and the technology provider (MaintenanceNet)–will share their collaborative journey, explaining how, together, they’ve been able innovate and automate their way to service revenue generation success. Presenters: Scott Herron – CEO, MaintenanceNet; John Stone – Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems; Christopher Fender – Director Service Sales/Pre-sales Engineering, Comstor.

#4. The Journey to Outcome-Based Service Offer Development. Calling all service marketers, service product managers, and service portfolio managers: This interactive “workout” session focused on the journey toward creating service offers that connect with customer business value in new and powerful ways. Parijat Sharma, director of customer success products, at Salesforce, and Julia Stegman, vice president, research, at TSIA, led an interactive discussion allowing attendees to learn from their peers and share their experiences.

#5. Turning Your Community into a Profit Center. 2014 Jive Award Winner for Customer Engagement FireEye uses the JiveX external community platform to deliver mission-critical cyber intelligence updates to customers, while also providing a forum for peer-to-peer customer support and free security resources to the public. This multi-faceted community has deepened FireEye’s relationships with customers, lowered support costs, and provided a new way to provide a paid-for service, furthering its competitive advantage. Presenters: John Summers – Manager, Services Collaboration and Social Strategy, Fire Eye, Inc.; Cathy Won – Director Product Marketing, Jive Software, Inc.

Congratulations to all of these presenters, and thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with our members!

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